Quality Windows, Gealan S 8000

S 8000 profile system

For a perfect living environment

The S 8000 profile system demonstrates GEALAN's consistent focus on the needs of the market. The development objective for this system with rebate gaskets and an installation depth of 74mm was to create a cost-effective profile with optimum use of materials, for easier and more efficient fabrication by window manufactures.

In the system S 8000, you can select from 5 or 6-chamber profiles. Their construction allows the use of large-sized steel reinforcement, which ensures excellent stability and strength complying with the requirements for construction objects with large window structures.

The number and position of the chambers determines enhanced resistance to thermal conductivity and improves sound insulation performance. The wide surface of the profile facilitates the maintenance of the window.

Beautiful front doors are justly considered the business card of the house and expression of its architectural style.

Installation depth of 74 mm

The installation depth of 74 mm ensures excellent heat and sound insulation


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Efficient use of material

Efficient use of material in the profile geometry saves resources and thus helps the environment

Economical efficiency

Large main chamber for large steel stiffening elements, with only one stiffening steel required for frames, sashes and mullions

Optional passive ventilation

The patented ventilation system GECCO for a controlled exchange between inside and outside air provides improved room climate and greater living comfort.

Versatile surfaces

Available in a wide selection of GEALAN-acrylcolor colours and (wood grain) decor foils