S 8000 front doors

Advantages Strong and attractive label of the house

Beautiful front doors are justly considered the business card of the house and expression of its architectural style. The doors provide the façade with its original style, while they must also be strong and secure, and resistant to environmental impacts. In order to achieve the highest S 8000 system door strength and stability performance, the company GEALAN designed the inner partitions of the profile in such a manner that it became possible to use wide-profile reinforcement. 74 mm wide profile middle partitions and their position allowed increasing the rigidity of the applied steel fittings by 30 %. A cavity for lock is milled in the reinforcement. The threshold holders used in other GEALAN systems are also suitable for the system S 8000 Iand ensure a solid connection between the frame and the threshold. In order to avoid deviations of the sash and to ensure the stability of angles, welded joint angles are used. The wide range of component parts allows to produce doors of different configurations and types. You can use a variety of hardware and locks as well as a variety of door sash panels. They can be opened in both outward and inward direction. Door sashes are manufactured not only from white but also from ACRYLCOLOR profiles, as well as from the profiles with wood décor and colored film texture.


  • Wide-profile reinforcement in the frame and sash
  • High strength and stability
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • A narrow visible profile part
  • Choice variety
  • Reliable burglary protection

PVC door threshold

20 mm in height, the impact-resistant door threshold of PVC

perfectly meets the modern concept of threshold-free housing

construction designed for handicapped people. Such a threshold is

the finishing touch of the general system of GEALAN thresholds

of aluminium, aluminium with a heat insulating gasket, and

durable glass fiber with high thermal transmittance resistance

indicators. The low thermal transmittance level of the PVC material

ensures excellent thermal transmittance performance of the

threshold made of it, thus reliably protecting the lower door part

from heat loss.

Wooden décors

A natural highlight

For everybody appreciating a natural appearance without

compromising on the advantages of state-of-the-art window

technology, there are plastic windows in wooden décor look. This

is the right choice. Regardless of whether for refurbishing a

half-timbered house or a planned new building – GEALAN

wooden décor windows convince from a visual and functional

point of view. They lend themselves as a classic stylistic element

when refurbishing old houses and regarding landscape-

related design. Décor windows are characterised by all

positive properties of state-of-the-art plastic windows and

simultaneously the decorative effect of wood.


Unlimited facilities

GEALAN profiles can be laminated from two, inner and outer, sides using a brown mass profile. This solution improves the look of the window and, even when opened, the window looks completely natural – the wood décor perfectly adapts to the overall picture. A modern window is constructed with regard to the type of the building and individual preferences of the customer. Select the surface look appropriate for you and your home from a broad range.

A variety of coloured films

A wide choice of colours and patterns. The ideal wood texture imitation. A variety of colours and décors.

Two-sided lamination

The profile lamination from both sides with different films is an excellent opportunity for harmonising the window colour both with the façade and interior of your house.

ACRYLCOLOR + laminate

The possibility to laminate the ACRYLCOLOR profile from the inner side.



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